Bed Bugs Infesting Boston & What You Need To Do

We have been getting a lot of reports here in Boston that bed bugs are terrorizing our community. While we at HubOnWheels are about helping the community and making sure our lovely Boston is beautiful and pristine. 

It has come to our attention now that bed bugs are becoming an epidemic. Whether your local or anywhere in the United States, it seems to be a commonly asked question, how to get rid of these biting pests? has posted the picture below of the infestation areas. Below we will guide in the steps to take, but it’s best to review the guide we acquired from Green Bean Buddy, how do I get rid of these bed bugs permanently they offer non pesticide solutions and have worked with pest professionals, resorts, and health facilities here in Boston and around the U.S. The advice and knowledge is by the best we came across and there mission is genuine about infusing wellness into the lives of their customers. All formulations and products are designed using naturally derived oils which the owner discovered on his trips back and forth from South America, specifically in the jungles of Peru. 

If you have seen or have issues with bed bugs, you may wish to review the guides above. But more importantly in Boston you can report the bed bug issue. This will keep tabs on where this bed bug epidemic is coming from since it can spread like the plague. Please remember, bed bugs do not discriminate they have been found in 5 star hotels as well. While after some research, we found them transported from traveling, airplanes, taxis, buses, clothing, laundry-mats, furniture and health facilities. It’s really about anywhere they can attach themselves too.