Ian Somerhalder Wins the Most Responsible Celebrity Award

Last month, Ian Somerhalder was named as one of the top three contenders for the Most Responsible Celebrity award. It was said that he even beat George Clooney in the said category to be one of the finalists. However, as it was announced last week, he’s now more than just a finalist.

Last November 20th in Battersea Power Station in London, the Vampire Diaries star was hailed as the Most Responsible Celebrity of 2012. He beat campaigner Livia Firth and actress Nadya Hutagalung for the said title.

Garnering more than 50% of the public vote, the model-actor thanked the public for their support in his video acceptance speech. And apart from that, he also urged all businesses and individuals to be responsible and proactive in helping protect the planet.

Among his green works, Ian Somerhalder is most known as an advocate of renewable energy. He also founded an organization in 2010 aiming to create awareness ab out the effects of deforestation and to involve the youth in helping the environment.

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Watch Ian Somerhalder’s Video Acceptance Speech

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