Lance Armstrong Bares to Oprah His Use of Peformance-Enhancing Drugs

Lance Armstrong has long been accused of using performance-enhancing drugs. However, he never admitted to it. In fact, he even battled the allegations with passion yielding some of his accusers to paying him. But with his recent confession to Oprah, things have turned.

According to cbs report, Lance’s admission of doping particularly happened during his Oprah interview taped last Monday. And as the Queen of Talk Shows described it, the interview was as a “no-holds barred” session. Nevertheless, although she also said that she was satisfied with the athlete’s answers, he did not come clean as she expected.

But though Armstrong admitted the doping just this time, since late last year, he was already banned from sports for a lifetime and his Tour titles were also stripped from him. Apart from that, several of his sponsors also dropped him as their endorsers.

His admission to Oprah also made things worse. As it was additionally said in the cbs report, several parties are now planning to sue the athlete to recover amounts paid to him. The amounts include those paid to him over a libel case and a bonus amounting to $7.5 million for winning Tour de France.

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“Lance Armstrong has finally come clean.

Armstrong confessed to doping during an interview with Oprah Winfrey taped Monday, just a couple of hours after a wrenching apology to staff at the Livestrong charity he founded and has now been forced to surrender.”

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After years of denying his doping, Lance Armstrong finally confessed he did it. And late as it is, the good thing is that he admitted it. But the bad thing is, it made him look worse to eyes of the public. And as said by some critics, it is unlikely that his confession will help him compete again.

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